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KN-1258 Masonic Sword Knights Templar Ivory Handle

This Masonic Knights Templar sword is a definite eye turner. It has a 440 stainless steel mirror polish double edge blade, beautiful ivory colored handle with a Knights Helmet pommel. The guard is a well decorated piece with the Knights Templar red cross and crown logo. It also has symbols on handle. The scabbard is made of high quality crafted metal making it a rare find, as most sword scabbards are wood or leather. It also includes a hanging ring on both sides at the throat of the scabbard. This sword is intended for display purposes: not for actual combat use. Specifications: Overall Length: 36 Inches Blade Length: 27 Inches Blade: Double Factory Edge, Polished, 440 Stainless Steel Handle Length: 9 Inches Includes: Steel Scabbard with Detail Design

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