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D9494-1 Sword Knights Templar Dagger Masonic with Sheath

This is the Masonic Ceremonial Dagger. The dagger is highly ornate with complex symbols through the scabbard and handle. -The blade of the dagger is 440 Stainless Steel with a slightly sharpened edge and a sharp point. -The handle is white plastic with Masonic cross on front side and a decorative 'M' on the back. -The Pommel is steel in the shape of a knight's helmet. -The scabbard is a high gloss black painted plastic with ornate end cap and scabbard throat. -The guard is solid steel with an image of a knight in the center and a cross on each end. Overall Length:13.5 " Blade:False Edge / Slightly Sharpened Blade Length:8 " Blade Material:440 Stainless Steel Condition:Brand New

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